On-Site Wash Evaluations

Our on-site evaluations help assure you that Castle is right for your car wash!

Wash Audit and Recommendations

We are pleased to offer an on-site chemical audit and wash evaluations to help you determine if your wash is running at peak performance. Running your car wash at maximum efficiency can help save time and revenue, especially if you fine-tune everything properly. Our sales and service teams are happy to schedule a visit with you to demonstrate how Castle is truly your partner in business. We will show you how we can help you boost wash revenue and provide your customers with a clean shiny car as well as a great show every time!

On-Going Wash Quality Monitoring

All sales and service personnel are trained in Castle Pro Analysis Programs, which allows for on-site documentation of all things observed and tested during our visits. This information is archived for future referral, making each future visit more streamlined. During these visits, visual inspection of all equipment is performed, and chemical inventories are recorded to watch for proper usage. Inventory is also ordered to ensure the washes do not have downtime due to chemical outages.

Other services performed include:

Chemical Titrations.

Water system checks and testing.

Inspection of chemical lines and pumping systems.

Volumetric tests for usage and cost evaluations (cost per vehicle)

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